Here at Baihui, it is our goal to see customer success with Roots blowers and vacuum pumps. These pumps are ideal for customers that are seeking to save money and energy. Roots pumps have found uses in environmental protection, electricity generation, petrochemical, underground mine ventilation, paper making and building material industry, proving the versatility that customers have come to rely on. With our own in house casting and machining capability, we can supply precision machined parts and custom castings to manufacturers from a variety of industries.

Main products
    1. Tri-Lobe Roots Blower, BHM Series

      As a specialized Roots blower manufacturer, we supply these Roots superchargers in a total of 8 models, including 4506, 4509, 4512, 6010, 6016, 8021, 8026, and 8032.

    1. Tri-Lobe Roots Blower, BHR Series

      Leak-free and available in a total of 11 models, the BHR series Roots blower provides a finely graded selection of air volumes, and is able to bring pressure up fast.

    1. Roots Vacuum Pump, BHM Series

      Also called the booster pump, vacuum booster, or the Roots booster, the Roots vacuum pump is widely used in a variety of vacuum applications.

    1. Roots Vacuum Pump, BHR Series

      The BHR series vacuum booster pump combines into one unit various desirable features typically found in competitive Roots pumps available in local and international markets.

    1. Custom Castings

      Not only do we provide an incredible selection of Roots pumps, but we also take a great deal of pride on the diverse range of custom castings we offer.

    1. Precision Machined Components

      The precision machining business is a unique strength of Baihui, and is not a feature just to be honed to boast of.

  • Roots Pump
  • We offer vacuum and blowing solutions for manufacturers across industries. Low pressure blower and vacuum pump are an integral part of any wastewater treatment system, air handling system, fly ash and dust removal process in coal-fired power plant, and pneumatic conveying system. These Roots pumps either produce compressed air or vacuum needed for material handling.

    1. Qingdao Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

      The client company bought six M8026 Roots blowers from us for use in aeration and sedimentation processes during wastewater treatment.

    1. Petrochemical Industry

      The customer bought ten BRH150 Roots blowers from us for use in ammonia synthesis and desulphurization, coke-oven gas processing, and gas recovery in oil refinery.

    1. Thermal Power Plant

      Company: A thermal power plant in Guangzhou
      Order: Five BHR175 Roots blowers
      Application: Dust removal in boiler and flue gas desulphurization

    1. Coal Mining

      The client company bought eight BHR200 Roots blowers for use in coal bed methane extraction, coal dressing, air supply to pulverized coal-fired boiler, and pneumatic conveying of fly ash.