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We offer vacuum and blowing solutions for manufacturers across industries. Low pressure blower and vacuum pump are an integral part of any wastewater treatment system, air handling system, fly ash and dust removal process in coal-fired power plant, and pneumatic conveying system. These Roots pumps either produce compressed air or vacuum needed for material handling.

Case 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant
Date: February 2014
Company: Wastewater Treatment Plant
Challenge: An imported low-pressure blower produced abnormal noise as rotors in the pumping chamber clashed against each other. Wear marks were showing in the area where rotors physically contacted with the casing. Cracks developed also in the casing. Bearing cages were severely damaged. Over-current had been detected.

1. As soon as engineers arrived to the field, they took apart the pump to analyze the cause of damage. Due to lack of necessary repair tools, our men carried the problem pump to our company for repair.
2. Aspects of repair work include casing repair, bearing replacement, gap adjustment, and pump trial run.
3. After repair, the pump was restored to its normal running condition.

Case 2 Pneumatic Conveying System
Date: June 2013
Company: An environmental protection agent in Singapore
Challenge: The customer asked us to reconfigure his M4512 multi-stage vacuum pump.
Solution: Based on the pump's application environment, which requires a vacuum, we completed the reconfiguration which allowed the vacuum pump to be used on the customer's vehicle.

Case 3 BHR Roots Blower Upgrade
Date: December 2014
Company: A chemical engineering enterprise in Dezhou, Shandong
Challenge: The customer required us to develop a sealing solution for their BHR series Roots blower.
Solution: We pulled off the upgrade work, allowing the blower to be used for transfer of special gas.

Case 4 Wastewater Treatment Plant
Date: January 2015
Company: Wastewater Treatment Plant in Qingdao
Challenge: The customer asked us to retrofit his M-series Roots blower with a forced air cooling system.
Result: The newly added forced-air cooling system greatly reduced the pump's operating temperature, thereby extending the pump's service life. This cooling feature allows the pump to compress the air to a higher pressure without generating too much heat. It also means the pump now can handle hotter inlet air.

In the case of demanding application environment where sensitive media need to be handled, please be kind to send us your specific requirements, based on which we can provide a better solution and more competitive price quote than if you provide no information at all.

Case 5 Qingdao Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
The client company bought six M8026 Roots blowers from us for use in aeration and sedimentation processes during wastewater treatment.

Case 6 Chemical Engineering
Company: A chemical engineering enterprise in Shandong
The client company ordered three BHR250 Roots blowers for pneumatic conveying applications.

Case 7 Coal Mining
Company: A coalification technology enterprise in Inner Mongolia
The client company bought eight BHR200 Roots blowers for use in coal bed methane extraction, coal dressing, air supply to pulverized coal-fired boiler, and pneumatic conveying of fly ash.

Case 8 Petrochemical Industry
Company: A petrochemical company in Xinji
The customer bought ten BRH150 Roots blowers from us for use in ammonia synthesis and desulphurization, coke-oven gas processing, and gas recovery in oil refinery.

Case 9 Waste Disposal
Company: A waste recycling center in Jinan
Our customer bought three BHR125 Roots blowers for dust collection and vacuum cleaning.

Case 10 Cement Industry
Company: A cement factory in Tai'an
The client factory purchased two 2 BHR200 and 2 BHR250 Roots blowers for air supply to vertical shaft kiln, pneumatic feed (of raw material and coal) to rotary kiln, atomization in pottery kiln and glass melting furnace, and homogenization of cement raw meal.

Case 11 Mining
Company: An aluminum business in Shanxi
Order: 3 BHR200 Roots blowers
Application: Air supply to fluidized bed boiler or blast furnace, pneumatic mineral ilmenite conveying, slag removal (from metallurgical smelting furnace)

Case 12 Thermal Power Plant
Company: A thermal power plant in Guangzhou
Order: Five BHR175 Roots blowers
Application: Dust removal in boiler and flue gas desulphurization

Case 13 Flour Mill
Company: A food company in Shanghai
Order: 3 BHR80 Roots blowers, 5 BHR125 Roots blowers, 5 BHR100 Roots blowers
Application: Used for vacuum forming of blister packs, material drying, and pneumatic conveying

Case 14 Papermaking
Company: A papermaking business in Wuhan
Order: 2 BHR250 Roots blowers
Application: Pneumatic woodchips conveying, paper dewatering

Case 15 Pharmaceutical
Company: A pharmaceutical business
Order: 3 M6016 Roots blowers for chemical wastewater treatment

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