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From our foundation in 2001, Baihui has become known as a trusted manufacturer of Roots pumps, custom castings and precision machined components for a number of diverse industries. Customers all over the world have come to us for our patented Roots blowers and Roots vacuum pumps.

Our client base is extensive, and we serve them in a multitude of industries, including environmental protection, electricity generation, chemical engineering, utility vehicles, underground mine ventilation, metallurgy, paper printing and building materials. Baihui's precision machined parts are also used in cars, tools, motors and construction machinery to keep equipment running smoothly.

Manufactured by skilled technicians using advanced equipment from the United States and Japan, Baihi's pumps are created with patented technology learned from Hi-Bar Blowers Inc. to ensure the quality and performance. To better ensure the performance and reliability, key parts such as bearings and seals are purchased from German and Swiss companies, and are then assembled in our massive manufacturing facility. It is here where our technicians work with universities and research centers to manufacture and develop new Roots blowers and vacuum pumps.

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