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Baihui is looking to build fruitful partnerships with customers around the world. Below is a brief description outlining three of our major customers.

Pumping System Integrators
Roots pumps are easily integrated into your customers' wastewater treatment, air handling, dust removal (as in coal-fired power plants), and pneumatic conveying systems. They are the source of power supplying a constant flow of air or gas needed to transport materials in a pipeline or to aid in combustion, cooling or heating. By integrating the pumping system with other systems, Baihui Roots pumps will help your clients save energy and cost.

Roots Pump End-Users
If you are running a wastewater treatment system, power plant, cement factory, or food plant, chances are that you'll need Roots pumps for system retrofit, upgrade or replacement.

Machine Manufacturers
We can provide machine manufacturers with stainless steel castings, aluminum alloy castings, ductile iron castings, and precision machined parts. Our tooling capability allows us to design, run and produce tools and dies for the application.

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