Baihui is a specialized Roots pump manufacturer. Built with patented technology learned from Hi-Bar Blowers Inc., Baihui lower pressure blower and vacuum pump are available in one of two series denoted by BHM and BHR.

Baihui Roots Blower

We do all the manufacturing in-house including machining, assembly, welding, surface treatment, casting, spray painting, testing, inspection, woodworking and office works. The process has been streamlined, able to produce 300 BHR series Roots pumps or 200 M series Roots blowers per year. In addition, we have developed a complete local supply chain that produces Roots pump attachments such as the intake muffler, outlet muffler, base, wooden crate, and the iron crate.

Staffed by 80 employees, 60% of whom have more than 5 years of experience in what they do. With a massive manufacturing facility spanning 80,000 square meters, we have a 40, 000 square meter workshop.

We welcome customers to take a tour around our factory to better know us.

Follow our manager on a guided tour of the workshop

Business Negotiation

Discussion over the details
Sales reps as well as staff from engineering department and quality control department talk with customers over issues of product research and development, quality and sales. Baihui products are mostly exported to Europe, the Americas, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

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