Performance Test

Each Roots pump needs to pass the final performance test before leaving factory. Inspectors test out the Roots blower and vacuum pump under certain temperature and pressure conditions, and check rotation speed, flow rate, and level of noise and vibration. Of course the pump also needs to be inspected for any physical damage such as scratch and wear. The inspection process is carried out in accordance with JB/T8941.2-201 standards.

Testing Lab

The fully equipped testing lab is furnished with a variety of motors, pipelines, and inlet and outlet mufflers, among other associated equipment. This facility allows us to run performance checks on all M and BHR series Roots pumps.

Test Items

Detection of Part to Part Collision
Inspectors turn the impeller shaft by hand and observe if there is any friction or collision between rotors as well as the rotor and outer casing.

Temperature Measurement

Inspectors use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the outer casting, oil tank and the bearing during pumping operation.

Pressure Measurement

Inspectors use
A u-tube mercury manometer is used to measure the pressure change at the inlet, outlet and the region before and after the orifice plate.

Rotational Speed Measurement

The infrared speed meter measures the rotational speed of the belt pulley.

Dynamic Balance Test

Inspectors put each Roots blower and vacuum pump through dynamic balance tests, and add counterweights to counter vibrations during running.

Noise Level Test

Using a sound level meter, inspectors measure the noise the pump causes in a run.

Vibration Test

The vibration test is run on the bearing of the Roots pump as vibration is measured along both the X and Y axes.

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