Roots Pump Service
Machining Center

Casing, wall mount and oil tank are three major components of a Roots pump. The internal wall and outer surface of these parts need to be precisely machined to ensure a tight fit. Threaded holes and dowel holes should be drilled to an accurate size. By using high-precision machining center, we are able to produce tight-tolerance parts in terms of internal wall size, overall shape, relative position of holes, surface finish, symmetry of lightening holes in impeller, and depth of stepped holes in wall mount.

Lathe Machining

Advanced NC lathe is used to machine impeller shafts, sealed rotors, sealed stators, belt pulleys, and shaft bushings, among other components. The lathe also works on inner holes, grooves and outer edges of rotors to achieve coaxiality and precise mating between parts.

Grinding Machine

Impeller shafts and shaft bushings are ground and polished at a high speed, thereby securing a good surface finish and a tight fit around areas that need sealing.

Planing Machine

The NC planing machine is mainly used to machine rotor lobes to the required shape, size, and surface finish.

Dynamic Balancing Machine

The dynamic balancing machine puts various rotor models through the dynamic balancing process. Lightening holes are drilled to reduce the weight of rotors all the while maintaining their dynamic balance during rotation.

  • Balancing Weight Removal (Dynamic Balancing)

On the assembly line, pump parts are pieced together to form a complete Roots pump. After the assembly process is done, pump parts like the impeller, sealing element, bearing, gear, motor, belt pullet, and belt need to be checked for safety and performance.

Spray Painting

Both undercoat and topcoat are added to the blower, inlet muffler, outlet muffler, base, and drive belt cover by using the spray painter. In our spray painting workshop, operators spray paint evenly over the surface of pump parts. The process is done indoors, causing no pollution to the surrounding environment.


Pump components that need to be welded include the intake muffler, exhaust muffler, pipeline, base, drive belt cover, and the iron crate.

Precision Machining

Our precision machining workshop is equipped with advanced machining equipment imported from HARDINGE, DMG, and HAAS.

  • HASS Machining
  • DMG Machining

DMG machine tools produce various high-precision rotating parts.

  • HARDINGE Machining
  • HARDINGE Machining

HARDINGE machining center is mostly used to work on complex parts.

  • Pipe Bender
  • Pipe Bender

The automated pipe bender was bought in 2014 and is used primarily to produce angled pipes. A high level of automation allows the machine to produce 5 to 10 times as many angled pipes as an ordinary pipe bender.

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