Quality Management
Quality Management System

Registered to ISO9001 standards, Baihui makes a point to manage its suppliers and production process. Defective materials should be rejected, shoddy products reworked, and problem semi-finished products should not enter the downstream process. Products are fully traceable to ensure quality.

Quality Management Department
Quality Management Department
Assembly Process Guide Notice Board

OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems
The company has built a complete occupational safety and health management system and is about to become OHSAS certified.

Workshop Emergency Evacuation Plan Notice Board

ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System
We have put an environmental management system in place and are now on our way to get ISO14001:2004 certified.

5S Management
The company implements 5S management policy to build corporate image, reduce cost, ensure on-time delivery and safe production, standardize manufacturing process, maintain order in production, and improve the condition of our work site.

5S Management Notice Board
Quality Management Meeting

Quality and Technology Analysis Meeting
The quality and technology analysis meeting is held on a regular basis, joined by corporate leaderships and staff from the technical department, quality department, production department, and sales department. The purpose of this meeting is to confirm the effectiveness of preventative and corrective measures that have been implemented since last meeting. The meeting also sums up the strengths and weaknesses of our production, management, and quality control taking place last month. We'll take immediate action to correct the problem present in our daily operation if there is any.

Technical Issue Meeting
Experts from the technical department will organize meetings to address technical issues arising from new product development, difficulties and bottlenecks met in manufacturing, by giving the best solution. Pictured below are experts discussing possible ways to improve the design of our newly-developed gearbox.

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