Technical Support

Model Selection
We are able to customize your Roots pumps specific to your applications. Before you place an order, we provide expert advice on selecting the right pump model and the most competitive price quote. To do this, we ask you to kindly send us the pump-related information listed below.
1. Pressure: the range of pressure you expect the pump to work within.
2. Flow rate: the desired air speed at the exhaust
3. Medium temperature: the range of temperature at which the medium is supposed to enter the pump
4. Altitude: the height of your work site where the Roots pump will be used. Different altitudes may require different Roots pumps.
5. Voltage and frequency: the input voltage and frequency for the Roots pump
6. What is the ambient temperature where the Roots pump is supposed to work?
7. Let us know if the inlet air contains impurities.
If you can't provide the exact data to us, sending us general estimates would also be helpful in model selection.

Upon request, we can assist customers in the design of a machinery foundation for free. The foundation should be adequately designed to support the pumping system while being rigid enough to avoid resonant vibration.

Acoustic Shield
An acoustic shield can be added to the Roots pump which keeps the noise level well below 85dBA.

We can help customers design pipelines to be connected to the intake and exhaust of the Roots pump.

Lifetime Tele-Support
You can count on our expert knowledge in pumps repair and maintenance for maximum pumping efficiency and service life. When problems do occur, we can provide remote technical support over phone or via internet. You can also contact an authorized dealership in your local area for repair service. Feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail, or online message if you have any questions.

Technicians are training pump operators from client company.

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