Warehousing, Packing
Castings, Precision Machined Parts

Castings and precision machined parts are sent to the warehouse for storage, including the outer casing, wall mount, and the oil tank. These components have been through protective treatment before entering the warehouse for storage.

Semi-Finished Roots Pumps

We've left some space in the warehouse where semi-finished Roots pumps can be stored temporarily. Both the inlet and outlet of the pump have been tightly sealed to prevent dust and rust. Driveshaft extension and spline are also protected with a protective cover. 

Finished Roots Pumps

Completed Roots blowers and vacuum pumps are stored in a dedicated area of the warehouse. Attached with them include a packing list, certificate of approval, and a pre-delivery inspection report. Finished products also go through special treatments for maximum safety and protection in storage and transit.


Both intake and exhaust mufflers are to be covered with a protective film before being sent to the warehouse.

Belt Pulley Protective Covers, Pump Bases

A dedicated area is used for the storage of outsourced motors. Motor brands as per customer requirements.

Pump Parts

Both in-house developed pump parts and outsourced components can be stored in this area. Specialized warehouse managers are in charge of raw material receiving, requisition, management, and maintenance. Crucial outsourced parts include the bearing (of such world renowned brands as FAG and SKF), lip seal (of SKF brand), V-belt (purchased from such foreign suppliers as OPTI and GATES), and the gear (produced by the largest gear manufacturer in Shandong). These components are precision machined and can last for years to come.


We provide both wooden and steel crates for customers to choose.

  • Steel Crate

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