Inspectors from quality management department maintain control over the entire quality management system. Professional grade gauges and inspection equipment are calibrated and certified to ensure accuracy and performance, including the coordinate measuring machine, metallurgical analyzer, tensile tester, spectrometer, and the Rockwell hardness tester.

These instruments are managed and maintained by specialized personnel, and they need calibrating regularly to ensure accurate readouts. A team of highly trained inspectors check for quality every step from raw material entering factory and manufacturing to finished products leaving factory. Inspection results are recorded to secure full traceability.

Inspection Items

Size tolerance
Geometric tolerance
Surface roughness
Impeller dynamic balance
Chemical composition
Physical properties (as of hardness and tensile strength)

Inspection in Manufacturing

Pictured below are inspectors checking for the dimensional accuracy of the thread and the surface roughness of the casting.

Checking dimensional accuracy of the impeller shaft thread
Inspection for surface quality of the casting
Dimensional Accuracy and Performance Check

We have our own in-house test lab where three experienced inspectors check for the dimensional accuracy of main products as well as their chemical composition and physical property.

Coordinate measuring machine is used to check for size tolerance and geometric tolerance.

Coordinate measuring machine is used to check for size tolerance and geometric tolerance.

Made up of an optical table and a measuring system, the spectrometer is used to analyze the chemical composition of incoming raw materials.

Metallurgical Analyzer
Tensile Tester

Casting samples are tested out for their tensile strength. The tensile tester provides readouts at the moment of casting breakage after it is stretched beyond its limit. Test results are recorded and used as a measure of whether the tensile strength of that casting is up to standards.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

The Rockwell hardness tester comes complete with 7 different impact devices. No need to re-calibrate the tester during changeover between impact devices.

Test Reports

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